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A Health 


 “Think of your Health Kinesiologist as a systems analyst for the body”                 

Your body uses an Autonomic Control System (ACS) to subconsciously control all body functions needed to keep you alive and well.

There are 50 trillion cells this system controls, It knows everything that is happening in your body and all this information is subconscious.


Health Kinesiology uses muscle testing to tap into your ACS to find the root cause of what’s truly holding you back.


“You'll be amazed at the difference this incredible therapy can make.” 

HK Can Benefit

ADHD - Autism - Allergies - Anxiety Anger Management - Adrenaline Fatigue - Boosting your immune system - Chronic Fatigue - Dyslexia Detoxifying - Diabetes - Depression EBV -Epilepsy - Emotional Baggage Fears / Phobias - Hey Fever Infections - Lyme Disease Migraines - M.E - Pain (neck / back / sciatica etc) - PMS - PTSD - Panic Attacks - Respiratory Difficulties - Sports Performance - Stress - Substance Abuse . . . to name a few.


 Verity Brightside



Back in my early 20’s I developed adrenaline fatigue and a whole host of mystery illnesses after many visits to my general practitioner nothing was improving. I felt adrift in the medical system with very little energy and hardly any immune system left. I knew I had to find a way to get better, not only for myself but also for my family who depended on me.

A Health Kinesiologist by the name of John Payne was recommended to me. Normally being quite skeptical of “unconventional methods” I felt an instant pull to make an appointment. I couldn’t believe the difference this person was making to my health and wellbeing. The changes felt like they were coming from the inside out and sticking. I owe more than I am probably aware of to this highly trained professional and Health Kinesiology.


It was then I started to notice similarities in others who I knew would benefit from this amazing holistic approach to healthcare.

That’s when I knew I had to do something to help the people around me. I feel so passionately about HK and all it’s limitless benefits. I knew its rigorous training program wasn't going to be easy but my drive to help others has kept me focused.

The nearest convenient training program was a tutor & practitioner called Franky Kossy based in London’s prestigious Harley Street. After many hours with my head in books and manuals and long journeys to and from City college, 10 years after I originally started the journey to become a health kinesiologist I became a qualified practitioner in 2017. 

HK is an amalgamation of western conventional medicine, chiropractics techniques and the 1000’s of year’s knowledge and experience of eastern medicines.

Fused together by Dr Jimmy Scott in the late 70’s to make this ultimate holistic approach to medicine. 

Health Kinesiology uses the technique of muscle testing to access information stored deep within the subconscious. This "muscle memory" is what is used to direct your Health Kinesiologist. This skilled verbal questioning process used whilst muscle testing coupled with acupressure and the various specialised tools we use is what directs the body to its optimum health.


It is the clients "muscle memory" stored deep within the subconscious that determines the course of treatments your body requires for better health not the Kinesiologist.

Through using this unique system of muscle testing and verbal questioning It allows Health Kinesiology such profound results with minimal stress to the body.


 We use many different tools In Health Kinesiology to stimulate the healing energy patterns wanted by the body, from special Test Kits, magnets, crystals, thought patterns, colour, touch, essences, visual patterns and essential oils combined with specialised vials that hold meridian acupressure points to restore your body’s vital energy.