Bio-Energetic Tools


Below is a link to the new UK website for the powerful energetic tools we use in, during and after your Health Kinesiology sessions to support your energy system while you are experiencing your healing journey. 

As some of you have already experienced these remarkably powerful little tools in your session you will know their appearance can be deceptive as they silently and persuasively   compliment your energy system. 

You may have already been guided to the right Life Transformer for you at this time during your session or you maybe curious and drawn to something new? If you are in doubt as to what to choose this can be muscle tested in your next session. 

*Your HK practitioner does not financially benefit from any sale. The sale of all energetic tools are purely to benefit you the client. By following the link below you are being

redirected to the UK LT sales website. 

Thinking of becoming a Health Kinesiologist?

If you've ever thought about a career in helping others and becoming a Health Kinesiologist, or maybe you are just wanting to learn the valuable skill of muscle testing?

Below is a link to The London School of Health Kinesiology who I had the pleasure of trained through to become a practitioner. A choice I am grateful for everyday.