Client Success Stories

Celebrating the success of people who 
transformed their lives with the help of Health Kinesiology and Verity Brightside

"Before having my two sessions with Verity I had suffered from verrucas and warts for the best part of 9 yrs. I had tried EVERYTHING, I'd even been prescribed Duck Tape!, before trying Health Kinesiology.

I wish I'd found it years ago. I didn't feel anything in the session, maybe some tingling from the magnets? I left the session relaxed but not really expecting anything then all of a sudden I noticed the warts on my hands start to go and within 4/6 weeks they had completely gone. My verrucas took a little longer but were completely gone in 18 weeks. Amazing really. I'd recommend Health Kinesiology to anyone."

/// Anon - Cornwall

"3 words - You are awesome! I felt totally at ease and safe in your hands. You were able to access my muscle memory almost instantly. It was amazing! My health continues to improve day by day I know that should I slip I can count on your skills to work out why. 

Highly recommend HK and highly recommend Verity Brightside a natural and gifted practitioner."

/// A.J.M Sussex

You've been so lovely and I really feel like you have helped me deal with issues not only things that I knew about but a lot of subconscious stuff too!! Thank you.

/// N.S Cornwall

I first heard of HK when reading that Verity was practicing it near me, I was interested as although my business was a success, and I was living a pretty happy and healthy life, something was holding me back and I just couldn’t put my finger on it. We started HK and the first session was incredibly personal and over whelming BUT the sense of relief was MASSIVE.

I had been holding so much pain from past experiences and this was causing blockages. After a few sessions a lot was dealt with, without talking, without regression, in a comfortable way.

Verity has way about her that makes anything too painful easier to face, it comes up, it’s cleared, then there’s relief. After our sessions I felt like my backpack of burden was lighter I felt empowered by the release.

Since our sessions I have a different way of dealing with any stressful situations. I am determined that nothing should hold me back. I am feeling more comfortable in my own skin, with the person I am and I’m taking on challenges now that I may have pondered about and thought 'maybe next year'. There has been no 'what’s ifs', no 'next year', I have put myself out there, trusted in my own strengths and just going for it. Why not.

I would recommend HK and Verity too anyone dealing with anything similar to me, she is one special woman who is great at what she does.

It honestly has changed the way I think; deal with things, like the blockage has gone. I am taking on so much now with an inner confidence in myself that I didn’t realize was there before

/// T.W Cornwall

I have seen Verity for two different health problems, she takes a very professional, calm approach to treatment. She put's you at ease and makes you feel very relaxed in the appointments. The outcome of the treatment was a success and I could see a real improvement in myself. Overall I would recommend Verity to anyone suffering from Physical and mental health problems.

/// H. R Cornwall.