What To Expect In A Session

HK is a non-invasive therapy.

You will be given the opportunity at the start of your session to discuss your concerns and goals while we also go though your completed Confidential Client Questionnaire.



You will then be offered a treatment couch to lie down and relax on. Your energy system will be balanced using a suitable indicator muscle (IM) this is usually the arm closest to your practitioner.

This process is said to be very relaxing and some clients have even fallen asleep during their session.

Through the art of muscle testing we can then access information from your subconscious stored in your muscle memory to decipher the course of treatment the body has chosen to be most beneficial to it at that time.

Once the body has chosen it’s preferred course of treatment we use light acupressure or speciality tools to correct these blockages in your energy pathways.      

You will remain fully clothed throughout the session and socks are preferred.

It is also good to know that you and your Health Kinesiologist will experience signs of energy shifting throughout your session. These are very subtle, such as yawning, tummy’s rumbling and hot or cold flushes. Some people can get embarrassed at these signs if they are unaware that they are positive. Please don’t as your Health Kniseiologist will find them reassuring that “you’re on the right track”.   

Who Can Benefit From HK?
Anyone & Everyone
"If you want to improve your health HK can help"
Health Kinesiology can treat anyone with the will to heal.

Anyone wanting to be healthy.


HK is such a safe non-invasive therapy not only is it safe for babies and the terminally ill it can even be used with animals too by using the same method of a surrogate.  

What Is Muscle Testing And How Does It Work?


"Muscle testing works, when used correctly and this takes skill."


Your body uses an Autonomic Control System (ACS) to subconsciously control all body functions needed to keep us alive and well. There are 50 trillion cells this system controls. It knows everything that is happening in your body. All this information is subconscious. We ask simple yes/no questions of this system by muscle testing to obtain our findings.

 It works because of what quantum physics calls Quantum Entanglement. On a subconscious energetic level we access information from one another, this gives your body access to knowledge you may have long forgotten consciously and also the knowledge of the practitioner allowing you to work together to find ways to make your whole system healthier.

Surrogate Testing


A surrogate maybe required for babies or clients too unwell to be worked on directly as they may not respond easily to the muscle monitoring. 


When working with babies / children and animals* a parent/guardian’s permission must be obtained and remain present at all times.

The parent/guardian will often be the surrogate.

*In the case of all animals proof of veterinary permission is required. 


The procedure followed when working with a surrogate.

The surrogates energy system is balanced as if working in the normal way and Energy Permission for them to act as surrogate for the client is obtained.

The surrogate holds or touches in with the client and the same energy balancing procedure is done and the session continues in the same manner for the client with the difference being through the surrogate.

When finishing a surrogate session the surrogate themselves are given the same finishing checks as the client to see if anything required also leaving their energy system in balance.

What's The Best Way For Me To Book A Consultation?

The easiest way for you to book your consultation with Verity Brightside is to either to call her directly on: 

Email using the link below:

Or use the link below to message through Health Kinesiology Cornwall's Facebook page.


You will then have the opportunity to discuss your needs. 

TEL: 07970419284
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Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made within 24hrs & missed appointments will incur the full session rate.

Cancellations must be by email, messenger or text and confirmed by Verity that it has been received.

When possible the session will be filled avoiding the cancellation charge. If an appointment can be moved to another time in the same week there will be no cancellation fee and every effort will be made to do so.